Your Guide To Personal Alarms and Telecare in Ireland

How to Get Telecare

Anyone can purchase a telecare alarm system or other telecare equipment. There are no requirements to have a specific health condition or to be over a certain age.

Option A: Order Online and Self-Install

You can order online, which often results in savings and fast delivery. Our sponsor, TASK Community Care, operates an online store where you can purchase telecare devices, as does their counterpart in Northern Ireland, TASK Connect Ltd.

Each telecare system comes with full installation instructions and access to a 24-hour technical support line, should you need additional assistance. You will receive the two way speech unit along with attachments for wearing the panic button as both a pendant and wristband. To ensure your system is working correctly, press the emergency button after installation, which will generate a test alarm call to the 24/7 monitoring center, as per the installation instructions.

For more details about how the telecare alarms are typically installed, visit our How Telecare Is Installed page.

You can order your digital telecare alarm online from TASK’s website, or if you have no broadband or no phone-line at home, you should opt for the GSM telecare alarm. To confirm the type of telecare alarm that is right for you please contact TASK Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm on 01 843 5889.

Option B: Professional Installation

If you prefer, you can purchase telecare equipment with professional installation included. Simply contact your chosen telecare supplier to arrange a convenient installation date. When the installer arrives, they will set up the system and conduct a test call to ensure everything is functioning correctly. Remember that during the installation, you’ll likely be asked to provide some basic information, including the names of your nominated emergency contacts, who will be contacted by the monitoring center if you need assistance.

Government Grant Funding (Republic of Ireland Only)

If you are aged 65 or older and live in Ireland, you may qualify for a telecare alarm under the Seniors Alert Scheme. This scheme can cover the cost of the alarm system and the first year of monitoring, with installation included.

Disclaimer: Prices and information on grant funding and other information above are correct at the time of publishing. Please always verify details with your telecare supplier before making any decisions.

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We are proudly supported by Ireland’s longest-established telecare company, TASK Community Care. Based in County Meath, and with their NI counterpart, TASK Connect, in Lurgan, TASK supplies top-quality telecare equipment and offers a 24-hour telecare monitoring service throughout Ireland and the UK.

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