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Seniors Alert Scheme: Grant Funding for Monitored Pendant Alarms

The Seniors Alert Scheme provides grant funding for monitored pendant alarms to elderly and vulnerable older people in the Republic of Ireland. This grant can help ensure you or your loved ones have a 24-hour monitored alarm installed at home. Below, you’ll find detailed information about eligibility, application processes, and what the scheme covers. By understanding these key points, you can take full advantage of the Seniors Alert Scheme to ensure the safety and well-being of yourself or your loved ones.

What if I don’t have a landline or broadband at home?

If you don’t have a landline or broadband at home, a GSM alarm can be installed under the Seniors Alert Scheme. This type of alarm uses a mobile network to connect, so there is an additional cost for the SIM card, typically around €72 per year, including the first year.

What is Funded Under the Seniors Alert Scheme?

  1. Monitored Alarms: The scheme funds pendant alarms for people aged 65 and over. The government grant covers the cost of the entire alarm system, including the emergency alarm button (pendant or wristband) and the telecare base unit.

  2. Installation: Alarm installation is carried out free of charge under the scheme.

  3. 24-Hour Monitoring: The first year of 24-hour monitoring is included at no cost. After the first year, the monitoring fee is determined by the telecare company you choose.

How Do I Apply for a Personal Alarm Grant Under the Seniors Alert Scheme?

Applications for the Seniors Alert Scheme (SAS) are made by local voluntary and community groups registered with Pobal, the government agency administering the scheme. These registered groups will complete and submit the application on your behalf. A list of registered groups can be found on Pobal’s Seniors Alert Scheme website. They can also answer any questions you may have about the grant-aided monitored alarm.

Eligibility Criteria for a Seniors Alert Alarm

To qualify for a Seniors Alert Alarm, you must:

  1. Be aged 65 years or older.
  2. Have limited means or resources.
  3. Live alone for significant periods during the day, be a carer to someone else in your household, or live with another eligible person.
  4. Reside within the geographical area of the relevant registered organisation.
  5. Be able to benefit from the equipment supplied (e.g., to prevent becoming a victim of crime or incapacitated through illness or a fall).
  6. Maintain contact with the registered organisation.

Free 24-Hour Monitoring Under the Seniors Alert Scheme in Year 1

Under the new Seniors Alert Scheme, the first year of 24-hour monitoring is free. Our sponsor, TASK Community Care, offers one year of free monitoring for all participants who receive monitored alarms under the scheme. After the first year, TASK charges only €66 per year for monitoring, and they have maintained this price since the scheme began over 20 years ago. This stability helps you avoid unexpected increases in monitoring costs.

Additional Benefits with TASK:

  • Free Monitoring of Additional Devices: If you receive a grant funded alarm through the Seniors Alert Scheme that is monitored by our Sponsor TASK, they will monitor a second pendant alarm and other telecare equipment at no extra cost if connected to the same system, unlike other providers who may charge for each additional telecare device being monitored.
  • Lifetime Guarantee: TASK offers free maintenance of your monitored alarm as long as they handle the monitoring, effectively future-proofing your telecare system.
  • Compatibility: TASK can monitor almost all makes of telecare equipment, including Bosch, Tunstall, Tynetec, Chubb, TeleAlarm, and more. For assistance, you can contact TASK’s County Meath office at 01 843 5889.

Installation Timeline

Once your application is approved by Pobal, the registered group will contact the alarm supplier to arrange installation. The equipment is installed as soon as possible and must be installed within six weeks of approval. The supplier is obligated to install the alarm within ten calendar days of receiving the order, or within three days in emergency cases, subject to agreement among all parties.

Urgent Alarm Needs

If you require a monitored alarm more urgently than can be provided under the Seniors Alert Scheme, you can purchase one privately from any reputable telecare provider, including our sponsor TASK Community Care.

Additional Information

For more details on the full eligibility criteria and further information on the scheme, refer to Pobal’s Seniors Alert Scheme Leaflet. You can also contact Pobal directly or reach out to your local registered community or voluntary group. Pobal’s client services team can be reached by telephone at 01 511 7000.

Video Resource: The Seniors Alert Scheme, administered by Pobal, is discussed by Pobal’s former CEO and Senior Management at a Rural and Community Development Committee Meeting in January 2018. Watch the video here.

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