Your Guide To Personal Alarms and Telecare in Ireland

Telecare Devices

Telecare equipment ensures constant monitoring, offering reassurance and peace of mind. Alongside the familiar pendant alarm button, numerous other telecare devices can integrate seamlessly with your two-way speech hub.

Two-Way Speech Hub

The telecare two-way speech hub, also referred to as the telecare base-unit, serves as the cornerstone of your telecare system. Functioning as the central hub, it receives signals from all other telecare sensors installed throughout your home.

Upon activation of any piece of telecare equipment, the base-unit promptly initiates a call to a 24/7 monitoring center. Trained call-handlers can then establish a two-way conversation with you through the base-unit. In the absence of a response, they will proceed to contact your designated contacts to ensure your safety.

Various types of telecare equipment are available, with a selection from our sponsor, TASK Community Care, listed below.

Types of Telecare Equipment

Bed Exit Alarm

Activates if someone exits the bed, such as to use the bathroom at night, and does not return within a fixed period, typically around 30 minutes

Further information on telecare equipment types coming soon…

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We are proudly supported by Ireland’s longest-established telecare company, TASK Community Care. Based in County Meath, and with their NI counterpart, TASK Connect, in Lurgan, TASK supplies top-quality telecare equipment and offers a 24-hour telecare monitoring service throughout Ireland and the UK.

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