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Bed Exit Alarms: Enhancing Safety for Telecare Users

Bed exit alarms, also known as bed occupancy sensors, are a valuable addition to any telecare system. They are particularly beneficial for individuals prone to falling or with mobility issues. These alarms act as a crucial backup, for example, if someone removes their pendant button at night and forgets to put it back on or if they fall and become unconscious, unable to activate the pendant button.

For this reason, bed exit alarms can offer increased safety and peace of mind. They are especially useful for those who live alone or need extra nighttime support. By promptly alerting a 24-hour monitoring center when a person exits the bed and does not return within a specified timeframe, these alarms ensure that help is on the way even if the individual cannot call for it themselves.

Bed Exit Pad

How Bed Exit Alarms Work

  • Detection: Bed exit alarms monitor when a person leaves their bed and does not return within a specified timeframe, typically around 30 minutes.
  • Alert: If the individual does not return, an alert is sent to a 24-hour monitoring centre. This minimizes the time someone is left alone after a fall, improving their chances of a complete recovery.

Types of Bed Exit Alarms

  • Bed Exit Pads: These can be placed under the bed sheet or mattress.
  • Bed Exit Motion Sensors: Positioned near the bed, these sensors do not require physical contact with the bed, providing a longer product lifespan.

Integration with Telecare Systems

  • Immediate Fall Alert: Sends an alert to the monitoring center as soon as the person exits the bed.
  • Timer Delay: Sends an alert if the person does not return within the preset time-frame, allowing for bathroom visits during the night.

Bed exit alarms are especially useful for individuals who might forget to wear their pendant button or need extra protection in case of unconsciousness after a fall. While they may not sound as quickly as a pendant alarm, they are an important backup, ensuring help is summoned even if the button cannot be pressed.

For more detailed information on how bed exit alarms can enhance safety and integrate with your existing telecare system, you can also visit our Bed Exit Alarms page.

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