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Can I buy an extra pendant alarm button for someone else in the same household? [Reader’s Question]

Reader’s Question: Is it possible to buy 2 monitored pendant alarms for my parents who live in the same household. Could you please give me an idea of costs?

Short Answer: Yes, this is possible. If two (or more) people live in the same residence, they can each have a pendant alarm button, connected to the same monitored telecare alarm.

Longer Answer: When you purchase a monitored alarm system, it typically includes one pendant button with the monitored alarm base unit (the two-way speech unit). However, additional pendant buttons can be purchased either at the outset or at a later date from most telecare suppliers.

To buy extra pendants later, simply call your telecare supplier and request to add an additional pendant button (or buttons) to your monitored pendant alarm system. The supplier will usually mail the pendant to you after confirming some basic information.

For potential costs, in Ireland, our Sponsor TASK Community Care charges the following [correct at 21 June 2024]:

  • Monitored alarm system: €299 – includes one digital base unit [external link] and one pendant button
  • Additional pendants: €50 each
  • Yearly 24-hour monitoring charge: €66

Or to order an extra monitored alarm buttons for your existing TASK Community Care telecare unit, you can contact them during business hours on 01 843 5889.

Updated: 21 June 2024

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