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Use of Stents, Cardiac Pacemakers and other Electronic Medical Aids with Telecare [Reader’s Question]

Reader’s Question: Can you tell me if the monitored alarm button has any effect on stents fitted? The alarm is needed following cardiac problems.

Short Answer: If the monitored telecare alarm adheres to the European EN50134 series of standards for social alarms, it is likely to be safe to use. Always check this with your chosen monitored alarm supplier before purchasing. Inform them about your condition and confirm the alarm’s compatibility with your electronic medical device.

It is important to note that GPS devices differ from telecare systems and should be worn at least 25cm away from pacemakers, and some other electronic medical aids to avoid potential interference.

Longer Answer: We consulted with our sponsor, TASK Community Care, regarding this important question for individuals with stents or other cardiac issues. As Ireland’s longest-established monitored alarm supplier, TASK has extensive knowledge about monitored alarm systems.

TASK Community Care, explained that the TeleAlarm Tx Transmitter (pendant button) they supply with telecare alarms, has been tested for potential interference with electronic medical aids. They confirmed that this pendant button should therefore be able to be worn when stents and pacemakers are fitted without any expected hazards.

Whichever telecare alarm supplier you choose, always make sure to confirm this with them, before making a purchase.

TeleAlarm statement on Telecare and Cardiac Devices

TASK’s alarm supplier, TeleAlarm, has also provided the following statement which they have kindly given permission for us to use, regarding the compatibility of their telecare alarm equipment with cardiac pacemakers and other electronic medical aids:

TeleAlarm Radio Transmitters for NurseCall and Carephones Compatibility with Cardiac Pacemakers and Other Electronic Medical Aids:

“The radio transmitters which are included in our Carephone products (HTS6x, TA72/74) and in our NurseCall products, as well as being sold separately, namely the transmitters Tx NG, S35, S37, S37L and S37E, have been tested in regard to potential interference with electronic medical aids. We hereby confirm that the applicable requirements have been met by our radio transmitters. Therefore, no hazards are to be expected when using the abovementioned transmitters in connection with electronic medical aids.”

Last Updated: 21 June 2024

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